EU Cultural Relations with its Southern Neighbours

The role of culture in the European Neighbourhood Policy, by More Europe, exposing the contribution of culture to employment in the MENA region, the impact of strengthened cultural relations to prevent violent extremism, and the role of such cultural relations in reinforcing human rights and democracy.

EU Council Conclusions on Strategic Approach to International Cultural Relations

On 23 May 2017, the Council of the EU adopted Conclusions on an EU strategic approach to international cultural relations.
This is the direct result of More Europe – external cultural relations’ advocacy work of the last 5 years!

The role of culture in preventing & reducing violent extremism

Dr. Asiem El Difraoui, a political scientist, specialised inter alia in jihadism, prevention and de-radicalisation strategies, explores for More Europe – external cultural relations how cultural activities, artistic projects, the promotion of inter-cultural and inter-religious dialogue(s) can help prevent and reduce violent extremism.

Culture in EU Development Policies

New advocacy paper on Culture and Development, by More Europe
Why is it important that the EU develop adequate programmes for cultural cooperation projects in the field of development? What are our recommendations for the EU to take the full potential of culture into account in its development policies?

E-Learning on 'Intercultural Competencies in Civilian Crisis Management'

More Europe – external cultural relations produced, in collaboration with the Centre for European Perspective (Slovenia) and Lecturio, an e-learning course on “Intercultural Competences in Civilian Crisis Management”.
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Policy paper on Digital Cultural Relations

Facing the global health crisis, and its uncertainty, More Europe – external cultural relations has been conducting multiple webinars and consultations looking at the impact of the global Covid-19 crisis on international cultural relations. As part of our latest...

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Culture in EU’s External Relations: The Way Forward

In a letter, More Europe – external cultural relations and its members, namely the European Cultural Foundation, the Institut français and the British Council, and the Goethe-Institut Brussels, along with 16 other cultural organisations, call on the European Commission and the European Parliament to give a proper consideration and strengthen international cultural relations within future policy frameworks including in foreign and sustainable development policies; as well as in the upcoming EU financial framework.

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MORE EUROPE – external cultural relations is a cultural initiative, composed of a public-private partnership of foundations, civil society networks and national cultural institutes, whose objective is to convince politicians and policy-makers to place cultural relations – one of the strongest assets that Europe has – in the heart of the EU’s external affairs.

Modern diplomacy requires the development of new thinking and skills to face global challenges and changing societies. A new European approach towards external relations, based on the promotion of fundamental values, dialogue, and the recognition of the role of civil society is urgently needed.


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More Europe proposes a new approach towards external relations, based on the promotion of fundamental values, dialogue, and the recognition of the role of civil society. 

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