Advocacy Paper - EU cultural relations with its Southern Neighbours

MORE EUROPE – external cultural relations

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Monday, September 25, 2017


This paper aims to highlight the role of culture and the arts in the European Neighbourhood Policy, in particular with the Southern Mediterranean countries. In light of the recent EU policy developments on international cultural relations, this paper exposes, with examples of successful EU projects and activities, (i) the contribution of culture to employment in the region, (ii) the impact of strengthened cultural relations to prevent conflict and violent extremism while promoting peace and reconciliation, and (iii) the role of such cultural relations in reinforcing human rights and democracy. It also recommends some concrete actions to be taken at regional level.

Table of contents

  • Cultural relations to support employment in the region
  • Cultural relations to prevent conflict and violent extremism, and promote peace and reconciliation
  • Cultural relations to strengthen human rights and democracy
  • The regional dimension
  • Recommendations for achieving sustainable, fair and balanced cultural relations between Europe and its Southern Neighbours