Alexander Rinnooy Kan

Professor of Economics & Business, University of Amsterdam

Alexander Rinnooy Kan (c)Maarten van Haaff/More Europe

Dr. Alexander Rinnooy Kan has degrees in Mathematics from Leiden University and Econometrics from Amsterdam University. He was employed as a the mathematics editor at the Spectrum Encyclopaedia for the period of a year, and at the University of Delft for three years. In 1977 he moved to Erasmus University in Rotterdam, where he became a professor in operational research in 1980, Director of the Econometric Institute in 1983 and Rector Magnificus in 1986. In the meantime he was also visiting professor at Berkeley, California and the MIT, Boston among others.

In 1991 he became Chairman of the Confederation of Dutch Industry VNO, which became VNO-NCW in 1995. Mr. Rinnooy Kan joined the Executive Board of ING and became Chairman of the Board of both ING Insurance Central Europe and ING Insurance & Asset Management Asia/Pacific. He held these positions until June 2006.

From August 2006 till September 2012 he was President of the Social-Economic Council (SER). Since September 1, 2012 he is University Professor Economics and Business at the University of Amsterdam.

Alexander Rinnooy Kan has published 10 books and 150 articles. He was born in the Netherlands. He is married and has three children.

I do not think it is necessary that we agree on what exactly is included into European culture and what is not, and it is a pretty hopeless task anyhow.

If we believe that Europe has a role to play in the political domain, in the domain of sustainability, in the domain of climate control and all these things, then it would be crazy to ignore the cultural dimension as a the part of that larger whole. And even if European culture is little more than the sum of national cultures, it is a bloody interesting combination of national cultures!