Balkan - Arab platform for cooperation

Wednesday, September 11, 2013 - 14:00
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Gottfried Wagner, advisor to More Europe, will actively participate in the Balkan - Arab platform for cooperation -  Discovering hidden passages : the state of mobility in culture between the Balkans, Europe and the Arab countries, 11-14 September 2013.

This conference is organised by the Cultural Contact Point Serbia Office of the Ministry of Culture and Media of the Republic of Serbia, in cooperation with the Roberto Cimetta Fund and with the support of the French Ministry of Culture and Communication, in Cultural Center Belgrade / KCB.

The purpose of this panel is to examine the current situation when it comes to existing or missing mobility of artists and cultural agents' between the Balkans and the Arab countries and to suggest possible solutions.

The full programme is available here.

The Roberto Cimetta Fund believes that it is important to support network and international projects of artists and cultural agents' throughout the Balkans and the Arab countries, especially due to the recent turmoil in these regions, and encourage specific European-Arab exchanges whose development is in its early stage.

The conference is supported by Austrian Cultural Forum and Institut français in Serbia, and will bring together stakeholders and many independent experts, as well as other partners, such as EUNIC, the EU Info Centre, the European Cultural Foundation, the Secretariat of Culture of the City of Belgrade, etc.

After the panel, from 12-14 September 2013 in the Youth Center / DOB, the Cultural Contact Point Serbia Office is organizing a conference named YUropa * and Sporet workshops, in order to raise the capacity of the cultural sector, in cooperation with the Directorate for International Cooperation and the EU funds Croatian Ministry of Culture - Division of Cultural Contact Point and the Ministry of Civil Affairs of Bosnia and Herzegovina - CCP BiH.