Elisabeth O. Sjaastad

CEO, Federation of European Film Directors

Elisabteh O. Sjaastad (c)Maarten van Haaff/More Europe

Elisabeth O. Sjaastad (born in Oslo, Norway 1977) studied directing at the Beijing Film Academy and the Central Academy of Drama (1998-2000). In 2002 she directed and produced the Amanda-nominated (Norway’s national film award) feature documentary Shiny Stars, Rusty Red (China) which was invited to film festivals worldwide. Through her production companies Screen Stories and Directors at Work AS she has also produced films from South Africa (also as director), Peru and the United Arab Emirates.
Elisabeth was Vice President of the Norwegian Film Makers’ Association and a FERA delegate from 2005. In 2006 she was appointed by the Norwegian Ministry of Culture as member of the Einarsson-committee, which produced a report on Norway’s audiovisual policy and made recommendations to restructure the Norwegian Film Institute and redefining the goals and ambitions of Norwegian film.
Elisabeth was appointed Chief Executive of FERA, the Federation of European Film Directors, in December 2009.