Gottfried Langenstein

Vice-Chairman, Management Board of ARTE

Gottfried Langenstein (c)Bernhard Ludewig/Allianz Kulturstiftung/More Europe

Gottfried Langenstein is the Vice-chairman of the Management Board of the Franco-German channel ARTE, after being its President from January 2007 to December 2010, and Vice-President from 2003 to 2006. After coordinating the Science exhibition in Berlin in 1986-1987, M. Langenstein joined the International Affairs Directorate of the second public television channel ZDF. In 1989 he became Head of the International Relations department and was then appointed Director of International Affairs in 1994. Meanwhile, he chaired the Committee on ZDF festivals and was the Vice-chair of the Television European Broadcasting Union (EBU). In 2000 he became Programme Director of the ZDF European satellites (3sat, ZDFtheaterkanal, and ZDFinfokanal ZDFdokukanal). Gottfried Langenstein is a member of the Max Planck Society, the Media Committee of the Goethe Institute, the Supervisory Board of the Medien-u. Filmgesellschaft of Baden-Wuerttemberg, the Strategic Council of the European Institute of the Media, the Strategic Council of the International Broadcasting Corporation and in charge of cooperation with the Prussian Cultural Heritage Foundation.

With the new economic development of these countries, we will meet young people asking about our own history with these countries and we will need to be more humble.

Europe is reluctant to sanction cultural activities [e.g.the use of satellites by governmental media] because it could be seen as a new form of censorship, contrary to the principle of free communication Europe defends. Cultural sanctions against business operators may also imply legal constraints that the EU is not always able to overcome, as it wants to abide by the rule of law.