Mais Irqsusi

Member, Arab Education Forum

Mais Irqsusi (c) Isabelle Arnold/More Europe

Born in 1985, Mais has a BA in management information systems (University of Yarmouk) and a MBA with a focus on international business (NYIT). Mais has seven years experience in project management – projects ranging from economic and political reform, to entrepreneurship, youth and culture.

She was assigned to lead the program of the Arab Education Forum late 2008, during which she contributed significantly to the development of programs in all aspects in addition to the development of internal mechanisms of programs management and effectiveness of teamwork amongst staff and volunteers. She also worked in particular on the management and development of Safar Youth mobility program and Istikshaf program. Mais is currently a board member at the Arab Education Forum and a founding member of Raneen - an initiative that aims to create interactive Arabic audio content for children.