The Power of Culture in Reconciliation in the Ukraine Crisis

Dr. Olga Burlyuk, for More Europe - external cultural relations

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Thursday, July 10, 2014


More Europe – external cultural relations commissioned a study on the power of culture as a tool for reconciliation in the context of the Ukraine crisis. In the course of June 2014, 25 in-depth expert interviews and many more e-mail exchanges with cultural operators and culture activists with the relevant experience from Ukraine, Russia and third countries (including from the UK, Germany, Switzerland and the Netherlands) were held. This policy paper contains the results of the study and offers an analysis of their thoughts and suggestions on the subject, the current situation and the way forward.

Importantly, and perhaps surprisingly, the responses of cultural operators from different countries (Ukraine, Russia and EU Member States) and cultural fields presented a rather coherent view on the power of culture in reconciliation following the conflict inside Ukraine and between Ukraine and Russia.

Read the full paper here.