Rania Stephan

Film director

Rania Stephan (c) Isabelle Arnold/More Europe

Born in Beirut, Lebanon, Rania Stephan graduated with two degrees in Cinema Studies from Latrobe University in Melbourne, Australia and from Paris VIII University, France. Her career in film has been long and diverse. She has worked as first assistant with renowned filmmakers including Simone Bitton (Rachel, Wall, Citizen Bishara) and Elia Suleiman (Divine Intervention) as well as camera person and editor with researchers in social sciences (Procession of the Captives, Waiting for Abu Zeid, Catherine or the Body of the Passion). Her work navigates between video art and creative documentaries and deals with questions of identity, memory, and the archaeology of the image. The Three Disappearances of Soad Hosni is her first feature film.


  • Tribe (1993)
  • Attempt at Jealousy (1995)
  • Baal & Death (1997)
  • train-trains (Where’s the Track?) (1999)
  • Arrest at Manara (2003)
  • Kimo the Taxi (2003)
  • Wastelands (2005)
  • Lebanon/War (2006)
  • Smoke on the water, 7 X El Hermel (2007)
  • DAMAGE, for Gaza “The land of Sad Oranges” (2009)
  • The Three Disappearances of Soad Hosni (2011)