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Director, International Intelligence on Culture

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Rod Fisher is Director of International Intelligence on Culture. Before establishing this research consultancy in 1994, Rod worked for the Arts Council of Great Britain, latterly as International Affairs Manager, and prior to this he managed arts and leisure programmes in various London local authorities. He is a Visiting Lecturer on European Cultural Policies at Goldsmiths College, University of London, and is Honorary Research Fellow, City University, London, where he led a module from 1984-2007 on Cultural Policies in Europe and International Cultural Co-operation. He was director of the European Cultural Foundation UK Committee from 2002 – 2011.

Rod co-founded the CIRCLE research network (Chairman 1985-94) and chaired the European Task Force which produced In from the Margins, a report for the Council of Europe on the state of culture and development in Europe (1996). Rod has written extensively on European institutions, European funding, cultural management training, comparative cultural policies etc. He has particular knowledge of the cultures and cultural policies of Europe and Asia.

His research interests include international cultural co-operation and cultural diplomacy, e.g. advising the Hong Kong Arts Development Council on an international cultural strategy (1997). In 2007, the ECF/Lab for Culture commissioned him to examine whether preconditions exist in Member States for the elaboration of A Cultural Dimension to the EU’s External Policies (Boekmanstudies 2007). Recently he completed research on whether there has been a paradigm shift in EU Member States’ cultural relations policies with ‘third’ countries for a briefing of European Commission staff in November 2009. The results of this study will be published in 2012 as part of a new book on cultural diplomacy and, in the meantime, he has outlined initial findings at seminars in Barcelona, Bratislava, Brussels and New York.

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We have to ensure that cultural relations are about dialogue, not monologue - so it is not just about telling, it is about listening and being open to other cultures.

There is a need for the EU’s actions in culture to genuinely reflect the diversity of the population, the ethnic composition of Europe.