European Development Days: the cultural dimension of development.


The European Development Days 2018 will take place next 5 and 6 June in Brussels, Belgium.

More Europe - external cultural relations is happy to an associated partner for two discussions on the role of women in development and in the fields of Culture and Creative Industries.


Euro-Arab Relations and Local Cultural Development

The Roberto Cimetta Fund organised a seminar on "Euro-arab relations and local cultural development", to discuss the specificities of the decentralized cultural partnership between Europen and the Arab world, and how dynamics could be further developped.

MORE EUROPE - external cultural relations was an associated partner to this event.


Balkan - Arab platform for cooperation

Gottfried Wagner, advisor to More Europe, will actively participate in the Balkan - Arab platform for cooperation: Discovering hidden passages : the state of mobility in culture between the Balkans , Europe and the Arab countries, 11-14 September 2013.


More Europe - Marseille debate


More Europe in partnership with Marseille-Provence 2013 European Capital of Culture, the Villa Méditerranée, and the MuCEM organised a regional debate:

"Challenges and perspectives for culture: Views from the Southern Mediterranean and Eastern Europe"


2011 EUNIC Yearbook Presentation - Lisbon

How can Europe make clear what it stands for? How can Europe show that it goes beyond words and takes action? What are the advantages of a common European foreign cultural policy? And how can Europe benefit from its specific capabilities?

Click here to read about the programme, the speakers, read our report on the debate, take a look at our picture and watch a video of the debate

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