Gottfried Langenstein

Europe is reluctant to sanction cultural activities [e.g.the use of satellites by governmental media] because it could be seen as a new form of censorship, contrary to the principle of free communication Europe defends. Cultural sanctions against business operators may also imply legal constraints that the EU is not always able to overcome, as it wants to abide by the rule of law.

Gottfried Langenstein

With the new economic development of these countries, we will meet young people asking about our own history with these countries and we will need to be more humble.

Robert Menasse

We, Europeans, undoubtedly are examples, for the very simple reason that we claim this role for ourselves. However, how well do we live up to it? Europe is capable of self-criticism, and probably it is the only continent where you find a self-critical approach. This is why European cultural policy has to have an open attitude in the view of the world and must be full of self-criticism, in a world that is no longer capable of self-criticism.

Shirin Ebadi

Europe clearly is the only place where people can speak up critically, and this is a unique cultural value.

Ana Paula Laborinho

Europeans talk a great deal about each other but rarely with one another. Most attempts to create pan-European media have failed. There is a dearth of EU news coverage.

Wolfgang Petritsch

Europe needs more capacity, visibility, more results in democracy building and strong impact in civil society. We need a joined up vision and strategy matched with some form of European cooperation. That is why we need More Europe in external relations.

Pierre Vimont

foreign policy is about trying to project the European model, its values, its principles, to the outside world. But at the moment, the European model is not as fascinating and as attractive as it may have been a few years ago. We have to be aware of this and take it into account when we try to promote our European system.

Pierre Vimont

We have to be in a listening mode: it is about dialogue, about listening to what the others have to say, about cooperating in the best way possible. These are the values and principles that we put forward.

Pierre Vimont

... new EU embassies lack the expertise in the field of culture and given the budget cuts in all Member States it is important to confront this challenge together.

Gottfried Wagner

Classical diplomacy is not the answer to the challenges in offering a different image of Europe in the world.