On March 21, the Council adopted its conclusions on an EU strategic approach to international cultural relations paving the way for a framework of action by the Member States and the EU institutions.

The conclusions establish the aim of strengthening the effectiveness and impact of EU foreign policy by integrating international cultural relations in the range of its foreign policy instruments. They recognise the need for a cross-cutting approach to culture and inclusiveness. The conclusions also call on Member States, the Commission and the European External Action Service to strengthen coordination and strategic guidance on the best way to promote international cultural relations.

Why is it important that the EU develop adequate programmes for cultural cooperation projects in the field of development? What kind of programmes and instruments are needed? How to adapt the existing programmes and instruments to the specificities of the cultural sector?

More Europe – external cultural relations tries to answer the above questions and proposes recommendations to ensure the EU takes into account the full potential of culture in its future development policies.

Download the PDF:  Culture in EU Development Policies