Do you have a strong interest for International Cultural Relations (ICR) – More Europe – external cultural relations welcomes skilled young students/professionals/researchers eager to make a difference through the contribution in the development and creation of content in the field of EU international cultural relations.

If you feel you are one of those, contact us at

More Europe is looking for expertise and experience on a voluntary basis to help develop and support its activities.


Based in Brussels MORE EUROPE – external cultural relations is a cultural civil initiative, composed of a public-private partnership of foundations, civil society networks and national cultural institutes, whose objective is to highlight and reinforce the role of culture in the European Union (EU)’s external relations. It calls on Member States, civil society, private foundations and EU institutions to work together, combine their views, pool their resources and coordinate their activities in the field of external cultural relations.

Being a relatively small initiative, MORE EUROPE acts as an avant-garde on the topic – with a strong civic approach allowing flexibility and reactivity.

Volunteers willing to help will be:

  • helping More Europe build, monitor and sustain a database of interesting and innovative intercultural collaborations projects as well as;
  • completing a repertoire of international cultural organisations;
  • helping develop a compendium of good practices in ICR.

The work is mainly desk research and demands some coordinating skills and initiative as well as a lot of communication and cooperation with More Europe’s team.


  • International Cultural Relations
  • Cultural relations in a changing society
  • Culture and Development in non-EU countries
  • Cultural Diplomacy
  • Intercultural Dialogue
  • EU foreign policy – The Role of Culture in the EU external relations
  • Civil Society Engagement
  • Cultural Mobility
  • Conflict Resolution through cultural initiatives

It also considered how these cultural projects promote intercultural dialogue, human rights, social values etc.


Someone with a keen interest in international cultural relations, knowledge of international cultural organization is an asset.  Strong computer and communication skills – as the person will be exchanging with the team in Brussels via email/skype.

A person who don’t mind working remotely on his/her free time – with the sense of initiative and own ideas for activities.

Volunteers are a valued part of the work More Europe conducts. 


  • Receive access to More Europe internal documentation, newsletter, conference sessions and valuable contacts;
  • Great networking opportunities with stakeholders involved in the field of ICR from all over the globe;
  • Skills development;
  • Add to your personal and professional growth through taking advantage of this great opportunity;
  • Add to your CV.


Send your CV and short Motivation Letter to Ziad Erraiss at If you have on-line portfolio, publications, videos of previous activities, own video channel, don’t hesitate to share them with us. Selected candidates will be invited to a Skype meeting.

The motivation of volunteers, that is often related to their passions and interest, will be discussed, and how this can be best approach with the volunteer aspirations when engaged with More Europe.

Volunteers are a key to creating a positive and welcoming atmosphere to help fostering international cultural relations from all over the world, and assisting More Europe to deliver its best.

Volunteering means experience and enhances personal development. Young people are invited to participate. Good energy, enthusiasm, and motivation to face the challenge of being confronted with something new, as well as to learn more about oneself and the world we live in.


15th September 2019, 12:00 Brussels time.


This vacancy is open to any citizen of the world. If you are interested in the project and need more information, contact us.


More info: Call_for_volunteers.pdf