The Call for Proposals on the Programme to Support Youth and Culture in the Southern Neighbourhood was published on April 10, 2019.

The programme (total amount EUR 12,250,000 EUR) will contribute building resilience and promoting inclusive development and stability in the countries covered under the European Neighbourhood Instrument (ENI) South through support to youth and culture.

The overall objective of the programme is to promote youth and culture as vectors of democratisation, inclusive economic growth, regional integration and resilience in ENP South countries.

Component 1 – Youth – Active Participation of Young People in Building Inclusive, Democratic Societies, (Lot 1, total EUR 6,250,000)

Component 2 – Culture as a Vector for Employment and Resilience in the Southern Neighbourhood (total EUR 6,000,000), with two lots:

The call is split into 3 lots with their respective sets of objectives:

  • Lot 1:  Youth – Active Participation of Young People in Building Inclusive, Democratic Societies
  • Lot 2: Culture as a Vector for Employment in the Southern Neighbourhood
  • Lot 3: Culture as a vector of democratisation, tolerance, and resilience in the Southern Neighbourhood

Under the Component 1 “Youth” Objective 1:

  • Specific objective 1: supporting the effective development of regional youth networks and their inter-action with policy-makers while contributing to regional dialogue thus supporting resilience and promoting stability.
  • Specific objective 2: developing the unique ability of youth to engage in regional dialogue and transform the Sustainable Development Agenda into concrete innovative action that supports the sustainable use of natural resources and promotes climate change mitigation and adaptation in the region;
  • Specific objective 3: engaging youth and regional institutions in protecting and safeguarding their tangible and intangible cultural heritage and promoting cultural diversity as a vital element of preventing violent extremism.

Under the Component 2 “Culture” Objective 2:

  • Specific objective 1: Promote a more democratic access to culture, targeting, in particular, remote areas and least-favoured segments of the population.
  • Specific objective 2: Promote culture as a vector for employment and employability.
  • Specific objective 3: Promote culture as a vector of social cohesion, democratisation, and tolerance, promote cultural diversity and intercultural dialogue for peaceful inter-community relations.

Deadline: 28 May 2019 at 16:00 Brussels time.

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