A Cultural Dimension to the EU’s External Policies – from Policy Statements to Practice & Potential

The consensus of this latest study suggests there is no significant overt opposition towards the idea of the EU having a cultural component to its relations with the wider world; indeed, there is evidence of real support for the idea in some countries. True, support was sometimes qualified, but this was to be expected. It is also evident that the concept was novel to a number of interviewees and this may account for any uncertainty or indifference sometimes encountered. On the basis of this survey, there seems to be room for possible EU actions in most of the world, although the EU Neighbourhood Policy countries of Central and Eastern Europe, the Mediterranean Rim nations and Asia were especially favoured. It was striking how Member States geographical priorities for cultural relations coincide with the fasting growing markets for international trade: China, India and, to some extent, Brazil.

Author(s): Rod Fisher
Publisher: Boekman studies
Publication year: 2007

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