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Advocacy Paper – Cultural Diplomacy or Cultural Relations?

Advocacy Paper – Cultural Diplomacy or Cultural Relations?
Date of publication: Thursday, February 9, 2017

This advocacy paper has been prepared by More Europe in an attempt to clarify the notions of cultural diplomacy and cultural relations, before the most recent political developments on both sides of the Atlantic (notably the Brexit and the election of Trump). It outlines arguments for genuine cultural relations and their role in international relations, at a time when the EU is discussing the Joint Communication “Towards an EU strategy for international cultural relations“.

Today, More Europe believes that these arguments are more important than ever, and should be continuously reinforced. In these times of growing distrust, cultural relations should underpin international relations. Indeed, cultural relations involving individuals on the ground and multi-background citizens are crucial to build mutual understanding, foster openness and build tolerant and peaceful societies.

Download the full advocacy paper (PDF): advocacy_paper_cult_dipl_vs_cult_rel