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Culture & Development – Action and Impact

Culture & Development – Action and Impact
Culture and Development – Action and Impact is the result of a fruitful collaboration between the European Commission, the British Council, the Federation Wallonia-Brussels and EUNIC. The 36 projects represent a wide variety of cultural activities and initiatives in developing countries and are implemented by various actors – amongst others members of EUNIC, the European Commission, national development agencies and local partners. They illustrate good practice in terms of impact on the development of the communities concerned and the many shapes, forms and dimensions in which culture is embedded in the development process.

The online version was also agreed on at the Culture and Development Network meeting organized by the British Council and UNESCO in October 2011. A clear message emerged from the meeting: a need for stronger collaboration and professionalism. It is also for that reason that the online version of the brochure was created – to enable information-sharing and to encourage for future collaboration too

This new version of the brochure focuses on the Mediterranean region. Major pro-democracy events have recently taken place there and culture has proven to be a driver for change, for freedom of expression and for democracy. Through supporting the creative sector and cultural diversity in the region, we also support those actors in civil society who are active and mobilized for the change towards wider democracy.

Date of publication: Friday, September 14, 2012