Engaging the World: Towards Global Cultural Citizenship

Engaging the World: Towards Global Cultural Citizenship
Final Report of the Preparatory Action Culture in EU External Relations, on how the EU can make strategic use of culture in its external relations. This report presents:
  1. The first ever overview of the cultural relations strategies pursued by governmental and civil society actors in 26 of the EU’s strategic partners and Neighbours;
  2. Recommendations as to how Europe can do better and be more effective in the field of international cultural relations;
  3. It evidences the considerable added value a European strategic approach can offer to all stakeholders including the EU institutions, Member States, European cities and regions, civil society actors, artists and cultural operators, cultural organisations and networks, as well as their counterparts elsewhere.

A fascinating report which offers a lot to think for future strategies and policies. International Cultural Relations are vital for positive dialogue, especially in a period of tensions, growing identitarianism, and fears. Much more should be done and good examples and practices should inspire policy makers.”

Ms. Odile Quintin, one of More Europe’s patrons, expressing her appreciation for this report.

Date of publication: Tuesday, June 10, 2014